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Is balanced nutrition Necessity of human body?      Aug 29 2013 3:47AM
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A balanced nutrition means taking a balanced diet that contains the right selection of foods with appropriate portion to provide adequate nutrients and energy for optimal growth and development. A well-balanced diet contains Nutrition labels such as calories, minerals, vitamins and proteins with ade more...

Posted By:  jane      category:Diet and Nutrition          Comments
Split Brain: - A tale of two halves      Aug 6 2013 4:48AM
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Brain, the central part of the nervous system is found in both vertebrate and non-vertebrates. It is the largest and most complex organ that is made up of more than 100 billion nerves that communicate in trillions of connections. The brain is made up of many specialized areas that work together. How more...

Posted By:  jane      category:General          Comments
Meditation and yoga a key of living peaceful life      Jul 19 2013 3:55AM
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Yoga is considered as the best therapy that is used for healing any kind of physical and mental problems. Yoga is firstly originated in India, it is a practice that cleanses the body of toxins and improves muscle tone in order to help you regain perfect health. It is highly beneficial for those more...

Posted By:  jane      category:General          Comments
Mobile Apps for Medical Marketing      May 2 2013 6:41AM
Slides Blog
While we live in an electronic age where our daily problems ranging from something as simple as finding groceries or shopping to our next holiday destination, are just a click away using internet on our phones/laptops. One doesn’t have to physically go hunting for them and loose time. Today these de more...

Posted By:  Jane      category:Medical Marketing          Comments
Educating Patients to Choose Right Cure      Apr 30 2013 8:05AM
Slides Blog
It is true that this world is full of diseases. Frankly and practically speaking, we live in a world where new diseases are born every changing season. But not to forget that we also have a lot of doctors, where many are also unemployed. We have reached a shameful point, where many doctors have to r more...

Posted By:  Jane      category:Medical Marketing          Comments
Facebook for Healthcare Professionals      Apr 25 2013 4:02AM
Slides Blog
Facebook was created in February 2004. It remains the unchallenged pacesetter among the many other social media platforms fighting in the battle. With its 1.2 billion users, Facebook is becoming the most credible resource for healthcare information for its users. Who would not want to spread the wor more...

Posted By:  Jane      category:Medical Marketing          Comments
Know the elements of successful health care Marketing      Apr 17 2013 1:38AM
Slides Blog
Marketing Research:  With in the discussion of a method of planning and executing to meet consumer needs. Marketing requires a deep understanding of consumer wants and needs. This understanding is derived through an assessment of these needs. Within there is a systematic gathering of data form more...

Posted By:  Jane      category:Marketing          Comments
LinkedIn and Medical Marketing      Apr 11 2013 7:09AM
Slides Blog
When it comes to social networking, Facebook reminisces of connecting with friends and family, and Twitter of sharing and knowing what’s happening around the world.LinkedIn, another most visited social networking websites—more business-oriented than others—is mainly used for professional networking. more...

Posted By:  Jane McArthy      category:Medical Marketing          Comments
Make Your Content Contagious to get people to share it      Apr 9 2013 12:35AM
Slides Blog
To call the shots whether the content is viral or not is almost difficult. A lot of well-framed content gets acclaimed in the social media platform and nearly same numbers or more go astray. What makes some content to go viral and what goes wrong for the others?  It is said that positive more...

Posted By:  Jane McArthy      category:Medical Content Marketing          Comments
Evaluation of Healthcare Word of Mouth Marketing      Apr 4 2013 6:30AM
Slides Blog
Word-of-mouth marketing is promotion of one’s product through their customers’ good words. This form of marketing is age old, but has managed to evolve itself in different forms with the passage of time. This is considered to be the most tenable forms of marketing as people who endorse the products more...

Posted By:  Jane McArthy      category:Medical Marketing          Comments
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