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Evaluation of Healthcare Word of Mouth Marketing      Apr 4 2013 6:30AM
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Word-of-mouth marketing is promotion of one’s product through their customers’ good words. This form of marketing is age old, but has managed to evolve itself in different forms with the passage of time. This is considered to be the most tenable forms of marketing as people who endorse the products do not have a direct gain out of it.

The regular word-of-mouth marketing had started to fade away with the emergence of advertisements through electronic media. It has again got a go-ahead with the increasing use of social media platforms. Social media is said to be the new word-of-mouth marketing.

Due to increasing healthcare costs, patients are becoming involved in making choices. They often look for the reviews of other people with similar needs. Word-of-mouth advertising is far-reaching for healthcare professionals due to the impact others’ reviews have on anyone about the services received. 

This can be done by giving people a reason to talk about your services and giving a platform for the conversation to happen.
A lot of physicians have started to use the social media to advertise their services. The golden rule is to create content tempting to be shared. To make the most out of it, pictures and videos can be shared, which would catch the attention of the social media users. Anything posted by you, shared by someone brings your brand in the eyes of a lot of others on the platform.

Because it is word-of-mouth, it is imperative to provide exceptional services. If not, the reviews may create a negative impact on your patients. It is also important to face the customers and be accountable to them on the social media platform.

The social media platforms facilitate reading and commenting on blogs by leaders in the field. They are able to post their own blogs, comment and ask questions in discussion forums and spread out their professional contacts. These websites also allow posting the links to their recognitions, publications.
As the proverbial king of business, customer remains the most important part of word-of-mouth advertising. Therefore, the success of your brand remains in what your customers talk about you.

Posted By:Jane McArthy      category:Medical Marketing
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