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Facebook for Healthcare Professionals      Apr 25 2013 4:02AM
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Facebook was created in February 2004. It remains the unchallenged pacesetter among the many other social media platforms fighting in the battle. With its 1.2 billion users, Facebook is becoming the most credible resource for healthcare information for its users. Who would not want to spread the word about their business around a platform which caters to 1.2 billion people out of the total living creatures in the world?

Apart from bringing billions of users closer, with personal and professional information on display, it may open up channels to get healthier or address health issues, while it is considered a waste of time and emotions. Used wisely, it serves as a great platform for businesses to market and get more than just mere sales. It serves as a platform to spread awareness of the product or the idea a company or person believes in, because interests develop with better understanding.

Facebook has devoted an entire section for business and PR—a great way for healthcare professionals to spread awareness for the services they provide. It also provides for users to create a page dedicated to their products and services—a channel which healthcare professionals too could use to create positive awareness for their services. Once a company page is created, the professionals can write up vital information about their products and services offered.

Medical marketing and communication is an emerging field that draws from traditional marketing theories and principles. It is defined as creating, communication and delivering health information and interventions using customer-centred and science-based strategies to protect and promote the health of diverse populations. Facebook escalates the chances of reaching out to various regions and people. People log in to Facebook much more than reading health magazines.

Facebook and social media are not marketing utopia but are becoming more significant in marketing effectiveness. The challenge for healthcare marketers is to learn from research and success stories to discover how social networking can be used to increase business and increase consumer loyalty.

Posted By:Jane      category:Medical Marketing
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