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Know the elements of successful health care Marketing      Apr 17 2013 1:38AM
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Marketing Research:  With in the discussion of a method of planning and executing to meet consumer needs. Marketing requires a deep understanding of consumer wants and needs. This understanding is derived through an assessment of these needs. Within there is a systematic gathering of data form customers to identify their needs. The basic needs for successful health care marketing are defined in a very much clear manner. Product Price, place and promotion are referred to as the four Ps of marketing strategy. It is these four controllable variables that a firm uses to define its marketing strategy.  

The four elements the four Ps

The core of marketing strategy is the development of the response to the marketplace. As per of definition, marketing is the execution of the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of the product, goods, ideas and services, “To respond to customers an organization must develop a product, determine the price customers and willing to pay, identify what place is most convenient for customers to purchase the product or access the service, and finally promote the product to customers to let them know it is available. These four controllable variables that a business uses to pursue a desired level of sales are referred to as the marketing mix. The definition of the four major elements of marketing are discussed below provide the focus of health care Marketing. 


Product represents goods services or ideas offered by a firm. The term product here is the health care services and ideas. When we talk about health care the nature of the product has changed dramatically. Many years ago, one could define the product simply as a medical procedure or as any device to correct a physical disability. In today’s scenario the discussion of the health care product includes not only these traditional products, but also products and services.


Price determines on what customers are willing to pay for the service. A company provides a service, and customers exchange money for receipt of the service that satisfies their needs. The issue of pricing for health care services has become a major concern of marketing strategy as the health care environment changes. Many different factors are contributing to the greater role that the pricing variable is playing in developing marketing strategy.  Within the health care system itself different approaches are being undertaken to control costs and reduce costs to employers and consumers in the long run to make a good market as per the market studies.


Place represents the manner in which goods or services are delivered by an organization for the use by consumers, place might include variables regarding the location or the hours a medical service can be accessed. Increasingly, as more health care organizations are established to manage health care plans to enroll consumers in an insurance option that provides for all their health care needs, Companies offering prepaid health care plans must consider location and primary care access for potential enrollees. 


The final P defines promotion, for many people, this has historically meant advertising, and advertising has meant marketing. Yet as can be seen in the definition, promotion is just one part of marketing, promotion alone is not marketing, Promotion represents any way of informing the marketplace that the organization has developed a response to meet its needs, and that the exchange should be consummated. Promotion itself involves a range of tactics involving publicity, advertising and personal selling.

These four controllable variables that a firm uses to define its marketing strategy and which covers the broad Health care Marketing Strategy into an understandable form. These shows how effective a strategy can be to hit directly to all the aspects. 

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