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LinkedIn and Medical Marketing      Apr 11 2013 7:09AM
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When it comes to social networking, Facebook reminisces of connecting with friends and family, and Twitter of sharing and knowing what’s happening around the world.

LinkedIn, another most visited social networking websites—more business-oriented than others—is mainly used for professional networking. I would say the most relevant social networking website for healthcare professionals, physicians and hospital marketing executives is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn comes in as a great opportunity for medical professionals to share their practices and interests with other professionals. It widens the scope of finding the right people with similar professional interests. LinkedIn serves as a medium to communicate with other healthcare providers to discuss on topics of mutual utility. For example, a neurologist may want opinions from other professionals in the same specialty on the risks of a neurological procedure. This platform can act like a virtual-medical-conference if you happen to find the right people.

Like any other social media platform, the key to maintain the viewership is by actively participating in the activities on your page. After indulging yourself into a conversation, it is considered rude to leave it halfway, definitely more when you are interacting with other professionals. Being accountable for your actions and posts on a social networking website depicts your responsibility and professionalism. Unlike Facebook, where you would showcase your social life, it is recommended that you use this platform to discuss some-serious- professional -stuff.

Another great aspect of LinkedIn is that you can use it as a platform to look for a job, if you are seeking one. You might just find an employer who is looking for a healthcare professional with your qualification and caliber.

There are some social media platforms and search engines dedicated to medical professionals that can be used for outreach, education, and marketing of their services.

Posted By:Jane McArthy      category:Medical Marketing
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