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Make Your Content Contagious to get people to share it      Apr 9 2013 12:35AM
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To call the shots whether the content is viral or not is almost difficult. A lot of well-framed content gets acclaimed in the social media platform and nearly same numbers or more go astray. What makes some content to go viral and what goes wrong for the others? 

It is said that positive content is more enduring than negative content. People share your content when they are aroused—negatively or positively. Negative emotions include anger, awe, fear, shock, defeat, insult etc., whereas, positive emotions include joy, surprise, trust, pride etc. Now we know what influences people to share your content. 

The next step is to create content which practically arouses people to share it. In order to generate the most effective content, it is important to know your business thoroughly, most importantly, the strongest trigger points about your business. These qualities should then be included in your content for the customers to know your practice and belief. 

It is also imperative to know your customer group and their characteristics: their age, gender, geographic conditions etc. This helps in focusing on the kind of content which would be shared by a customer group with common likes and needs. Creating social media accounts may do magic in understanding your customer group through their likes and comments on your posts. 

Content which contains visuals, audio and images may help grab eyes of different types of customers you focus on. 

Myth: Your content gets noticed with the relevance it has to your business.

Reality: A not-so-relevant, arousing image may earn you the maximum shares.

Posted By:Jane McArthy      category:Medical Content Marketing
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