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Associate Editors of Slideworld Pediatrics

dr mousa

Fawzi   Mousa

Category : Pediatrics

Qualification : Consultant Pediatrician /Endocrinologist,Head Unit of Ped. Endocrinology and Diabetes,Chairman, Dept of Medical Education and Training,

Country: Saudi Arabia

Interest : Iam doing general pediatrics with special interest in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes,my interest in this field went back to 32 years.A clinician as well as a lecturer for many courses .

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Previous Editor :

About Me: A graduate from Cairo Univesity MBBS 1973,MSc-Ped.Cairo University 1979,MRCP Edinburgh 1985,FRCP 1993,Head of ped unit at the Maternity and Children Hospial-Riyadh,Saudi Arabia 1979-1990,Consultant pediatrician at the consulting clinics and later Kingdom Hospital Riyadh up to this day.


dr ck   das

Category : Pediatrics

Qualification : Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery,Doctor of Medicine,currently doing residency in Pediatrics at WHO Collaborating Centre for Training and Research of Newborn Care, AIIMS ,india

Country: India

Interest : pediatrics onchology,neonatology

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Previous Editor : no

About Me: for me fundamentals of life are:- Never try to be successful , pursue excellence Success is the bye product & the result Excellence always creates Success & it is a process of continual improvement Never run after success Let it happen automatically in life


kamel   zakaria

Category : Pediatrics

Qualification : Master of pediatrics

Country: Egypt

Interest : Brinchial Asthma in Pediatrics and preventive medicine

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About Me: pediatrician


Iqbal   Hossain

Category : Pediatrics

Qualification : MBBS. DCH. MCPS(Ped)

Country: Bangladesh

Interest : Pediatrics

Associated Sites :

Previous Editor : no

About Me: I am pediatrician working as asstt. professor in a medical college of Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Saad S Al-Ani  

Category : Pediatrics

Qualification : IBCLC ,CABPed,MBChB

Country: Iraq

Interest : I am Prof.Of Pediatrics since2002 and published many papers on various topics in pediatrics including G6PD deficiency ,lead poisoning , nutrition ,normal growth in females adolescents,Diarrhea diseases ,supervision of postgraduate students in master ,doctorates

Associated Sites : many presentations on slideshare,wePaper ,slideshow sites under the name saad s alani,

Previous Editor : Medical Journal of Al-Kindy medical College up to 2006, member of editor board of Iraqi medical association medical journal

About Me: I am professor of pediatrics,Baghdad university,since2002 ,senior pediatric consultant in Khorfakkan Hospital ,head of pediatric department,CME committee chairman ,Sharjah ,UAE, I have many published papers in various pediatric topics ,last one is about Prevalence of G6PD deficiency in khorfakkan ,published in Saudi medicalJournal2008 , editor of Medical journal of Al_Kindy medical college from 2003 -2006 Khorfakkan newsletter from 2008 -till now


Beena   Mathews

Category : Pediatrics

Qualification : Masters in Pediatrics

Country: Malaysia

Interest : I love children and issues related to child health and illness.

Associated Sites :

Previous Editor : NO

About Me: I love children and also motehr of 3 children.I work in the Pediatrics field for the past 15 yrs.
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