ACC Heart Failure Guidelines

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hariman    on Jun 09, 2011 Says :

Donna    on Feb 02, 2010 Says :

Oh my! Downloaded a Marine Biology power point.
namemaru    on Oct 24, 2009 Says :

thank you , for sharing. ^^
janet sullivan    on Sep 01, 2009 Says :

chronic heart failure in adult, symptoms, guidelines and treatment is presently my area of study. i have found immense help from your presentation. no doubt, the presentation is from American college of cardiology foundation. aha heart failure guidelines are quite thorough. i have been looking for a well explained article on what is congestive heart failure, i had no idea that a presentation on chronic heart failure would be of so much help. thanks for sharing
Christine    on Sep 01, 2009 Says :

i have full praises for this presentation on chronic heart failure. choice of the topic needs an applaud. For a layman, this ppt has explained chronic heart failure symptoms, treatment and guidelines quite well. every topic has been religiously covered, congestive heart failure with symptoms and treatment, for example.
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