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1 : Edema
2 : What Can Cause Protein to be Excreted in the Urine? Glomerulonephritis: kidney damage caused by inflammation in the glomeruli
3 : What is the Relationship Between Protein Excretion in the Urine and Edema? Albumin excretion in the urine due to glomerulonephritis Albumin (a plasma protein) normally creates a high concentration of solutes in the capillaries causing water to diffuse into them from the surrounding tissue fluid In essence, albumin acts as a sponge, soaking up water from surrounding tissues When albumin is deficient there is a higher concentration of solutes in the tissue, pulling water from the capillary into the tissue. This reverses the normal concentration gradient, which causes edema (retaining fluid in the tissues).
4 : Possible Causes of Kidney Damage Diabetes Pregnancy (most likely due to nephritis) Hypertension Kidney Diseases (e.g. Lupus) HIV Hepatitis B & C
5 : Solutions to Mrs. Crabapple’s Problem Screen for any of the above causes of kidney damage Pay attention to diet Exercise regularly Follow doctor’s instructions
6 : Why Is This Important? If left untreated can lead to: Kidney failure resulting in Dialysis Circulatory problems Albumin Deficiency Kwashiorkor Syndrome Complications with Pregnancy


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Nephrotic syndrome and other hypoalbuminemic states=> diminished colloid2. accompanied by abdominal    more
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