Factors affecting postural stability of healthy young adults

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1 : Factors affecting postural stability of healthy young adults 1Ángyán L, 2Téczely T, 3Ángyán Z 1Research Group of Human Movement Sciences, Institute of Human Resource Development, Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resource Development, University of Pécs, Hungary 2 Institute of Human Movement Sciences, Medical Faculty, University of Pécs, Hungary 3 Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Municipal Hospital, Dombóvár, Hungary
2 : The objective of this paper The objective of this paper was to examine the relationship between body balancing functions and body characteristics, motor abilities and reaction time. Subjects were 33 university students and 11 professional basketball players sorted into four groups of athletic and non-athletic women and men. Each group consisted of eleven subjects.
3 : Body characteristics of the participants (n=11of each group)
4 : Results of the motor tests (n=11of each group)
5 : Recording of body sways Amplitude of the body sways: to left side: -1.9±1.5°; to right side: 1.5±1.2°
6 : Single-leg-standingand walking on a sport beam
7 : Results of the balance tests (n=11of each group)
8 : Reaction times (RT) of the participants (n=11of each group)
9 : Pearson’s correlation coefficients (rxy) between the amplitude of body sways (x) and the measured variables (y)
10 : Correlation coefficients between balance tests and body characteristicsAbbreviations: SLS: single-leg standing, WSB: walking on sport beam
11 : Conclusions The present results show that: Increase in BMI, back muscle strength and endurance capacity is associated with better postural stability. Some motor abilities (hip flexibility, vertical jumping) show no significant correlations with body balancing, while other motor performances (static hanging) and RT values correlate well with BS only in the well-trained elite basketball players.


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