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1 : GREEN COMPUTING BY:- Jaya Sharma
2 : Title What Is Green Computing? Why Green Computing? About Green Computing Roads To Green Computing Approaches VIA Technologies Role Of IT Vendors Energy Use Of PCs
3 : Contd.. Reasons For Adpoting Green Solutions Steps For Green Computing Advantages Green Computers Comparison Chart General Suggestions Future Of Green Computing Conclusion
4 : What Is Green Computing? "The study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment."
5 : Why Green Computing? Growing public environmental awareness Increasing impacts on environmental and human health Corporate social responsibility
6 : About Green Computing Origin Regulations And Industry Initiative 1.Government 2. Industry
7 : Roads To Green Computing Green Use Green Disposal Green Design Green Manufacturing
8 : Approaches Virtualisation Algorithm Efficiency Power Management Power Supply Display Storage Material Recycling Telecommunicating
9 : VIA Technologies Carbon Free Computing Solar Computing Lead-free And RoHS Computing Energy Efficient Computing
10 : Role Of IT Vendors Apple Wipro Google
11 : Energy Use of PCs CPU uses 120 Watts CRT uses 150 Watts 8 hours of usage, 5 days a week = 562 Kwatts for a large institution, say a university of 40,000 students and faculty, the power bill for just computers can come to $2 million / year Energy use comes from electrical current to run the CPU, motherboard, memory running the fan and spinning the disk(s) monitor (CRTs consume more power than any other computer component)
12 : Green Web Surfing Greener Google Being Green with Yahoo! Greener FireFox Surfing Other Green Surfing Efforts
13 :
14 : Steps For Green Computing Environmentally Sound Purchase Systems Sustainable Green Computing Plan Reduce Paper Consumption Conserve Energy Recycling
15 : Advantages Reduce Energy Usage Conserving Resources Reduces The Risk Saving The Energy Saving The Planet
16 :
17 : Recent Implementations Blackle Fit-PC Zonbu computer Sunray thin client The Asus Eee PC Other implementations
18 :
19 : Future Of Green Computing The plan towards green IT should include new electronic products and services with optimum efficiency and all possible options towards energy savings.
20 : Conclusion The greenest computer will not miraculously fall from the sky one day, it’ll be the product of years of improvements. The features of a green computer of tomorrow would be like: efficiency, manufacturing & materials, recyclability, service model, self-powering, and other trends.


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green computing ppt covering ol topics required...!!
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