How to perform and interpret an Exercise Test

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dr ajit    on Mar 01, 2011 Says :

nice presentation.
Chidambaram    on May 04, 2010 Says :

Very good. C.Kathiresan.
Bianca    on Sep 08, 2009 Says :

very good
Jason Peterson    on Sep 01, 2009 Says :

strapless heart rate monitors are quite prevalent these days. Any idea how effective and accurate they are? Can you upload some more details about target heart rate exercise and heart rate target calculators and heart rate target chart. what should be the appropriate heart rate target for weight loss?
Dr. shashank talwar    on Sep 01, 2009 Says :

this ppt on exercise heart rate monitors is a commendable endeavor to display how spectacularly the heart beat rate undergoes a positive transition after a treadmill test. Nice graphical depiction of heart rate monitor comparison and heart rate recovery.
Christine    on Sep 01, 2009 Says :

The best presentation on Best heart rate monitors. this presentation shows a perfect relation between exercise and heart rate.the i wanted to get some more information on Heart Rate Target Chart and fetal heart rate monitor as well. nevertheless, the presentation is a wonderful explanation of Heart rate monitor watch, Heart rate monitor comparison and resting heart rate. superb.
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Powerpoint slide Presentation on How to Perform and Interpret an Exercise Test medical presentations
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