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     1  Mr.Arun II year M.Sc nursing PCON,Bengaluru. Mail- id : Mobile: 9886505608 NURSING CONFERENCES
     2  TERMINOLOGIES Conference: A conference is the act of consulting together. It is the nucleus of the in-service nursing programmes. Techniques: Is a procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task. 5/18/2011 2 ARUN PIRAVOM
     3  Consensus: General agreement among the members of a given group or community, each of which exercise some discretion in decision making and follow up action. Interdepartmental: Within the department. Interview: A formal conversation with someone’s design to extract information. 5/18/2011 3 ARUN PIRAVOM
     5  NURSING CARE CONFERENCE DEFINITION: “Nursing care conference is a group discussion using problem solving techniques to determine the ways of providing care for the patients to whom students are assigned as apart of their clinical experience”. 5/18/2011 5 ARUN PIRAVOM
     6  SOURCES OF PROBLEM SOLVING DISCUSSION Objective of clinical nursing program. Patients Students 5/18/2011 6 ARUN PIRAVOM
     7  NURSING CARE CONFERENCE AS A METHOD OF TEACHING It is an opportunity for formal discussion by free exchange of knowledge and experience on a common problem. To design a nursing care conference a) There should be consultation visit from a clinical nurse practitioner. b) It must be planned around some aspect of nursing care or scientific focus of a nursing problem presented by the patient. 5/18/2011 7 ARUN PIRAVOM
     8  c) It must be based on the course of an ‘action discussion’. i.e..,assessing the nursing problem, helping the staff to examine client’s problem. 5/18/2011 8 ARUN PIRAVOM
     9  PLANNING AND PREPARATION FOR NURSING CARE CONFERENCE Organizers should prepare well in advance. Before presenting the subject must be planned on objectives. The student must be aware of the data regarding a case. Students must be given an opportunity to work in ward for little time before presenting the conference. 5/18/2011 9 ARUN PIRAVOM
     10  TECHNIQUES USED TO CONDUCT Should be a consultation tool Flexible Should involved all students Provide time to think 5/18/2011 10 ARUN PIRAVOM
     11  ADVANTAGES Helps the students to collect information in a creative way, validates the data systematically. Provides a real practical experience and environment to the students. Fortifies the thinking of students. Active participation. 5/18/2011 11 ARUN PIRAVOM
     12  DISADVANTAGE Has little used if the students do not accustom the situation. Conference hour may be used for classroom teaching. 5/18/2011 12 ARUN PIRAVOM
     13  5/18/2011 13 ARUN PIRAVOM
     14  OPENING PHASE Defined as the first two minutes of the conference. To make a commitment to work on a problem relating to a particular patient. Often set a tone for the entire session. 5/18/2011 14 ARUN PIRAVOM
     15  WORKING PHASE The task is to arrive at a consensus on problem identification and solution. Helps the group to focus their discussion by asking direct question, rephrasing the words said by group and summarizing. If the consultant and group view the absent data as critical to the solution, time is better spent to get the facts than speculation. 5/18/2011 15 ARUN PIRAVOM
     16  contd…. @ problems are identified and the group can often reach its own solution. @ offering concrete solutions to the problem @ consultant should be careful to ask on the group’s opinion on the validity of her suggestion. 5/18/2011 16 ARUN PIRAVOM
     17  CLOSING PHASE The main task is to delegate the responsibility to one or more staff to act on the problems continuously. 5/18/2011 17 ARUN PIRAVOM
     18  5/18/2011 18 ARUN PIRAVOM
     19  NURSING TEAM CONFERENCE DEFINITION: “The assignment method shoul be used which will make possible the best nursing care to the patient, provide the best experience to staff members, giving them interest and challenge and that will keep the unit functioning smoothly and effectively”. 5/18/2011 19 ARUN PIRAVOM
     20  OBJECTIVES Identify the patient nursing problem. Recognized ability and limitation of various team members. Helps to communicate the ideas, information related nursing care. Utilized scientific information to influence the cause of nursing care. Make generation from specific information that is factual. 5/18/2011 20 ARUN PIRAVOM
     21  Contd.. # Helps to report , interest, channelize and carryout hospital or health care problem. # Teaches what is required to help team members fulfill their roles. # Helps to plan nursing care co-operatively with other team members. # Bring also maximum creative potential of the team. 5/18/2011 21 ARUN PIRAVOM
     22  Conference procedure Planned time each day for the members of the team nursing team to meet as a group. During this period, patient’s problems are identified and explored and an approach is developed by the team. The nursing care plan are revised or further developed according to changing needs of patients. 5/18/2011 22 ARUN PIRAVOM
     23  Each members of the is recorded during the course of the day and the response of the patient to her care, question and comments of the patient and individual notes are used as guides in conference. The team leader, using kardex as a guide, reads the patient’s name and objective of nursing care . Problems are identified by the group, a plan is project for the solution of the problem . 5/18/2011 23 ARUN PIRAVOM
     24  Demands of the professional nurse Nine demands were identified by Chao and Wilk’s students of nursing education of Columbia University. They are: To identify the patient’s nursing problem. To recognized ability and limitation of various team members. 5/18/2011 24 ARUN PIRAVOM
     25  Cont.. > To identify the patient’s nursing problem. > To recognized ability and limitations of various team members. > To communicate.
     26  To use scientific information to influence the course of nursing care. to generalized from specific. To report, interpret, channel and carryout hospital policies. To bring out “maximum creativity”. To teach in conference what is required to help team members fulfill their roles. To plan nursing care co-operative with other team members. 5/18/2011 26 ARUN PIRAVOM
     27  TYPES Team leader direction conference. Patient centered conference Nursing service management conference. Inter shift and inter departmental conference. 5/18/2011 27 ARUN PIRAVOM
     28  ADVANTAGES Used to plan for the daily continuity of nursing care that based meets the patient’s needs. As a teaching tool, nursing team conference offers valuable opportunities for learning. Gives an ability to observe, report and analyses significant finding input to its greatest test as students are conforted with their daily responsibilities. 5/18/2011 28 ARUN PIRAVOM
     29  HEALTH TEAM CONFERENCE Definition: “Health team conference” is group of professional person involved I n accomplishing common goals for the purpose of inter change of ideas and solving problems which are centered on the client, 5/18/2011 29 ARUN PIRAVOM
     30  provides a useful tool for building and maintaining mutual understanding through which it is possible to attain and maintain optimum mental, physical, social health. 5/18/2011 30 ARUN PIRAVOM
     31  OBJECTIVES To assess the health needs of the client and to solve these needs through comprehensive approaches by contributors of all the members of the team. 5/18/2011 31 ARUN PIRAVOM
     32  PRINCIPLES There must be and objective or purpose that use to be accomplished. Adequate preparation by the leader for all conference expedites fulfillments of expectation for the conference. Prior announcements of the time, place, purpose and duration of 5/18/2011 32 ARUN PIRAVOM
     33  Cont… Conferences to all concerned promotes assembly of a group well prepared and ready to focus on the purpose of the conference attention. Obtaining the most recent data available prior to conference assures the leader that imparted information is pertinent and accurate. Information to the other members and 5/18/2011 33 ARUN PIRAVOM
     34  or client that is paced systematic and inclusive allows participants time to assimilate the content and provides them with information necessary function. Interaction of conferences member on equal basis encourage active participation and leads to usable solution to the objective. 5/18/2011 34 ARUN PIRAVOM
     35  Sharing the feeling through conferences unifies and integrates the membership and allows work to progress. Periodic review conferences held with the member of the team and provide a mechanism for the physician (leader) to validate medical care given and maintain quality control. 5/18/2011 35 ARUN PIRAVOM
     36  THE INDIVIDUAL CONFERENCE Definition: Is defined as a conversation with the purpose or more simply as an interview. 5/18/2011 36 ARUN PIRAVOM
     37  PURPOSE To guide in teaching. To acquire more knowledge. To discover the interest, needs and the problem of the individual student. To help student herself/ himself. To achieve a proper balance among them. To conceive of any teaching or learning situation where the teacher will not use the individual conference almost daily. 5/18/2011 37 ARUN PIRAVOM
     38  TECHNIQUE Teacher should: Established good report with the student. Allow the student to talk freely. Not show any prejudice, emotional reaction or bias. The teacher may listen quietly to the student views without expressing comments or passing judgments. 5/18/2011 38 ARUN PIRAVOM
     39  PRINCIPLES The success of the individual conference as a method of teaching, in the attitude of the teacher towards this student- teacher relationship, her conception of its value, her discernment of the reason behind student behaviors and her understanding of the techniques which she uses to produce the desired result. 5/18/2011 39 ARUN PIRAVOM
     40  PRINCIPLES: The success of the individual conference as a method of teaching, in the attitude of the teacher toward this student – teacher relationship, her conception of its value, her discernment of the reason behind student behaviors and her understanding of the techniques which she uses to produce the desired results. The most important of these is the teacher’s attitude towards the relationship which should exist between her self and student.
     41  Establishment of a definite purpose & specific issues to be covered. Knowledge of the student. Provide sufficient time. Establish good rapport. Good listening. Positive effect. Recording of data.   5/18/2011 41 ARUN PIRAVOM
     42  SKILLS Some of the important skills are:      Skill in observation.      Skill in the use of setting.      Skill in the establishment of rapport.      Skill in meeting resistance.     Skill in recognizing ambivalent feelings.     Skill in establishment of authority.     Skill in the use of questions. Silence as a skillful procedure. 5/18/2011 42 ARUN PIRAVOM
     43  PRACTICAL USES 1. Diagnostic and re-medical teaching in individual conference. 2.  Supplement teaching. 3.  Discipline. 4.  Clinical teaching. a)      Nursing care study. b)      Diagnostic & re-medical purposes. c)      Nursing care plan. d)      Preparation & orientation to new clinical area. e)Evaluation. 5/18/2011 43 ARUN PIRAVOM
     44  USES  It can be used to clarify class material.  It helps in supplement instructions.  It can also help to explain answers to question of individuals. It can be used as a means of assisting the individual who is having difficulties in keeping up with the classroom situation. 5/18/2011 44 ARUN PIRAVOM
     45  THE SUPERVISORY CONFERENCE Is an important means of orienting and preparing the student for her initial clinical experience & for experience in different setting. 5/18/2011 45 ARUN PIRAVOM
     46  OBSERVATION: Skill of observation is used not only within the limits of the conference period itself, but also during the clinical experience in order to guide the learning process. 5/18/2011 46 ARUN PIRAVOM
     47  a) For the planned conference, the setting and the time are important. If there is not a place on the ward that provide privacy and freedom from interruption, it may be necessary to move the setting elsewhere THE SETTING 5/18/2011 47 ARUN PIRAVOM
     48  Cont.. b) Taking sufficient time is also essential. If there would not be enough time. It would be better to postpone the conference to another time in addition the setting should include an atmosphere of friendliness where both participators are comfortable and at ease. 5/18/2011 48 ARUN PIRAVOM
     49  GOOD RAPPORT should exist between the instructor and the nursing student. Their relation should be friendly but with emphasis on the professional tone and purpose. The personalities, attitudes and self knowledge of both affect this rapport 5/18/2011 49 ARUN PIRAVOM
     50  QUESTIONING: Should be skillful in order to aid the nursing student in discussion the problem that she has questions may be formulated for the purpose of disclosing errors poor observations or incorrect conclusions. 5/18/2011 50 ARUN PIRAVOM
     51  EVALUATION: Evaluation in a supervisory conference is a process which should be a combined effort between the nursing instructor & the student. Constructive criticism and judgment will contribute this process. Criticism usually is expected to some degree by inexperienced nursing student from the nursing instructor, who is expert in her eyes. 5/18/2011 51 ARUN PIRAVOM
     52  Instead, her function is actually to assist the nursing student to analyze the using situation & her interaction than, the student must be helped to formulate new plans. Mutual forming of a judgment dies not always mean that they will agree completely but each will know the other & will respect her opinions. This type of process will have more meaning to the student when she faces the same nursing problem again. 5/18/2011 52 ARUN PIRAVOM
     53  Cont.. For evaluation also aids in forming future action. Each conference should end on such a positive note promoting improvement. 5/18/2011 53 ARUN PIRAVOM
     54  RECORDS: Records serve as guides in planning objectives, futures conference and actions. Written records help both the instrumental & the student to remember or recall accurately what has taken place. 5/18/2011 54 ARUN PIRAVOM
     55  Cont.. Attitudes & opinions as well as knowledge, change in learning process so that it is easy to forget exactly what they were at previous conference. The recording of the data of conferences should not take place during the conference of this would place the student under increased tension and stress. However the recording should be done as soon as possible following the conference while it is still clear in instructor mind.   5/18/2011 55 ARUN PIRAVOM
     56  THANK YOU 5/18/2011 56 ARUN PIRAVOM