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ADAMS TIJANI    on Nov 03, 2012 Says :

very nice ppt presentation. access shd be given to oncologists (vet and human medics).
Fahad Jatt    on May 31, 2012 Says :

What a great presentation ....nice work .....
kousar    on Oct 27, 2011 Says :

Chandramohan    on Mar 27, 2011 Says :

Just a wonderful presentation to show the overview of neoplasia. This ppt. should be the lecture No. 1. After this all detailed aspects of neoplasia should be taught. Each lecture should be followed by pathology museum visit by the students & then in the last histopathology slides should be first demonstrated & then the students should be allowed to see & appreciate the histological features by themselves.
kannan    on Aug 10, 2010 Says :

excellent presentation
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PowerPoint Presentation on Neoplasia
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