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good presentation
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excellent work sir .... useful fgor both pg and ug nsg students ... thank you
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1 : OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 1 By, Mr.ARUN 2 year M.Sc nursing PCON Bengaluru
4 : OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES DISEASE DUE TO PHYSICAL AGENT Heat Cold Light Pressure Noise Radiation Mechanical factors Electricity 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 4
5 : Cont… DISEASE DUE TO CHEMICAL AGENT Gases Dusts (pneumoconiosis) Inorganic dust: coal dust; silica; asbestos; iron Organic(vegetable dust): cane fiber; cotton dust; tobacco; hay or grain dust Metals and their compounds: lead ,mercury, cadmium, manganese, beryllium, arsenic,chromium. Chemicals Solvents: carbon bisulphide, chloroform 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 5
6 : Cont.. DISEASE DUE TO BIOLOGICAL AGENT Brucellosis, leptospirosis, anthrax, tetanus, encephalities, fungal infection. OCCUPATIONAL CANCER Cancer of the skin, lungs, bladder OCCUPATIONAL DERMATOSIS Dermatitis, eczema DISEASE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ORIGIN Industrial neurosis, hypertension, peptic ulcer. 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 6
8 : Cont… Silicosis Anthracosis Byssinosis Bagassosis Asbestosis Framers lungs 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 8
9 : OCCUPATIONAL CANCER Skin cancer: gas workers, oil refiners, tar distillers, oven workers. Lung cancer: gas industry, nickle and chromium work, mining of radio active substance Bladder cancer: dye stuff, dyeing industries, rubber, gas and electrical cable industry. Leukemia: benzol, roengent rays and radioactive substance. 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 9
10 : OCCUPATIONAL DERMATITIS Physical Chemical Biological Plant products 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 10
11 : RADIATION HAZARDS Shielding of workers Monitoring the employees Protective clothing Adequate ventilation Replacement and periodic examination Avoidance of pregnant women to work 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 11
12 : LEAD POISONING Substitution of lead with less toxic materials. Isolation of all processes which gives rise to lead dust and fumes. Local exhaust ventilation Personal protection, personal hygiene and good house keeping. Periodic examination of workers and health education Medical management- saline stomach wash if ingested. 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 12
13 : HEALTH PROBLEM DUE TO INDUSTRIALIZATION Environmental sanitation problems Communicable disease Food sanitation Mental health Accidents and social problems Morbidity and mortality 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 13
14 : MEASURES FOR HEALTH PROMOTION OF WORKERS Nutrition Communicable disease control Environmental sanitation Mental health Measures for women and children Health education Family planning 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 14
15 : PREVENTION OF OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE MEDICAL MEASURES Pre-placement examination Periodical examination Medical and health care services Notification Supervision of working environment Maintenance and analysis of records Health education and counseling 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 15
16 : Cont… ENGINEERING MEASURES Design of building Good housekeeping General ventilation Mechanization Substitution Dust-enclosure and isolation Local exhaust ventilation Protection device Environmental monitoring Statistical monitoring and research 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 16
17 : Cont… LEGISLATION The Factory Act-1948 The Employees state insurance act-1948 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 17
18 : OHSMS 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 18
19 : OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH IN HOSPITALS STAFF PROTECTION [ physical] Radiation exposure Back injury Burns due to steam sterilizing Laser burns Electrical defibrillators Personal violence 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 19
20 : Cont… STAFF PROTECTION[CHEMICAL HAZARDS] Industrial cleaners used by cleaning staff Chemical sterilizers Tissue preservatives Chemical reagents Cytotoxic drugs Anesthetic gases Processing chemicals for X-ray film development 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 20
21 : Cont… PRINCIPLES FOR CONTROLING CHEMICAL HAZARDS Elimination Substitution Isolation Enclosure Ventilation Personal protection Personal hygiene General cleanliness 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 21
22 : Cont… STAFF PROTECTION[BIOLOGICAL HAZARDS] Airborne and droplet aerosol exposure Skin contact exposure Exposure to infectious fluids via broken skin, eyes, mucous membrane, and parenteral exposure 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 22
23 : Cont… STAFF PROTECTION[PSYCHOLOGICAL HAZARDS] Shift work High work load Unrealistic patient expectations Verbal abuse Problematic interpersonal work relationship Frustation due to limited resources. Poor organizational climate. 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 23
24 : PATIENT PROTECTION Nosocomial infection control Patient safety Evacuation plans for internal emergencies Food safety 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 24
25 : ROLE OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE DEFINITION: OHN are registered nurses who independently observe and assess the workers health status and to respect them from job tasks and hazards. Using their specialized experience and education, these registered nurses recognize and prevent health effects from hazards exposure. 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 25
26 : TYPICAL OHN ACTIVITIES Observation and assessment of both the worker and work environment. Interpretation and evaluation of workers medical and occupational history Interpretation of medical diagnosis to workers and their employers. Appraisal of the work environment for potential exposure Identification of abnormalities. Description of workers response to the exposure Management of occupational and non-occupational illness and injury. 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 26
28 : CLINICIAN Primary prevention Emergency care Treatment services Nursing diagnosis General health advice and health assessment 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 28
29 : SPECIALIST Occupational health policy, and practice development, implementation and evaluation Occupational health assessment Health surveillence Sickness absence management Rehablitation Maintenance of work ability Hazard identification Risk assessment 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 29
30 : MANAGER Management Administration Budget planning Marketing Quality assurance Professional audit Continuing professional development 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 30
31 : CO-ORDINATOR Occupational health team Worker education and training Environment health management 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 31
32 : ADVISER To management and staff issues related to work place health management As a conduit to other external health or social agencies 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 32
33 : HEALTH EDUCATOR Work place health educator 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 33
34 : COUNSELLOR Counselling and reflective listening skills Problem solving skills 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 34
35 : RESEARCHER Research skills Evidence based practice 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 35
36 : THANK YOU 5/18/2011 ARUN PIRAVOM 36


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