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1 : Septic shock Dr Ahmed modawi Resident surgery Sup by; CME Coordinator;Dr Fiaz Maqbool Fazili Dept;Of Surgery king Fahd hospital Madinah al Munawarah
2 : Septic shock introduction definition pathopthysiology clinical Work up Management Complications prognosis
3 : background bacteremia SIRS sepsis severe sepsis septic shock
4 : Background Bacteremia : presence of viable bacteria within the blood component Bacteremia may be primary or secondary Less than 50% of cases of sepsis are associated with bacteremia
5 : Specific etiology Gram negative septicemia Gram positive septicemia
6 : SIRS Respiratory rate WBC Heart rate temperature SIRS
7 : Background sepsis Severe sepsis is the presence of SIRS in the setting of infection is defined as sepsis with evidence of end organ dysfunction as result of hypo perfusion
8 : Definition of septic shock Documented infection, organ dysfunction, and hypotension refractory to fluid resuscitation
9 : pathophysiology sepsis Massive inflammatory response Cytokine and noncytokine Interleukins TNF thromboxane Vasodilatation Endothelial damage Hypo perfusion , capillary leak and end organ failure


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Sepsis is a serious bodywide response to bacteremia or another infection. Septic shock is life-thre    more
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