Suicide bombing A new kind of terrorism

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waheed    on May 04, 2010 Says :

This is shocking and we need to learn from history and save our next generation from this menace.
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1 : 23.11.2010 1 SUICIDE BOMBING A NEW KIND OF TERRORISM ? by Dmitri Govorov
2 : 23.11.2010 2 SUICIDE BOMBING What is suicide bombing? Historic review Legal approval? Reasoning of suicide bomber Female suicide bombers Typical suicide bomber Support for suicide bombers How it works Fighting suicide bombers
3 : 23.11.2010 3 What is suicide bombing? Form of terrorism Asymmetric warfare Willingly Own death Death of enemies
4 : 23.11.2010 4
5 : 23.11.2010 5 The ends of a suicide bomber political tactic opposition to enemy forces desperation to third parties against civilian targets fear
6 : 23.11.2010 6 Historic review Islamic Order of Assassins Robespierre and French Revolution Russia (Lenin) World War II (Japanese kamikaze) Cambodia (Pol Pot) Iran (Khomeini) Turkey (Kurdistan Workers Party) Sri-Lanka (Tamil Tigers) Palestine (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade) September 11 Chechnya
7 : 23.11.2010 7 Statistics
8 : 23.11.2010 8 Chechenyan suicide bombers over 10 attacks scores wounded and over 100 Russian soldiers and police officers killed July 2003. First attacks against civilians in Moscow
9 : 23.11.2010 9 Legal approval? Against soldiers: Approved by international law Hague International Convention of 1907 Nuremberg Tribunal Against civilians: Palestinians: no such thing as an Israeli civilian More examples: When Britain and America could not kill enemy soldiers on the battlefield they killed their families from the air.
10 : 23.11.2010 10 Reasoning of suicide bomber Crazed cowards? Research: no psychopathology; reasonable; well-off economically and educationally.
11 : 23.11.2010 11 Reasoning of suicide bomber deep grievance (killed friend or a member of family) suffering from historical injustice the only method to fight enemy loyal to intimate group of peers
12 : 23.11.2010 12 Female suicide bombers New phenomenon Obstacles to training women as bombers Rigid social norms not permitted to show their bodies to men
13 : 23.11.2010 13 Typical suicide bomber Example: Palestine
14 : 23.11.2010 14 Support for suicide bombers Family Society Religion Economic support
15 : 23.11.2010 15 Support for suicide bombers Family Parents of a child that killed himself and others, seem happy, proud, and - should the opportunity present itself - ready to send another child off to the afterlife.
16 : 23.11.2010 16
17 : 23.11.2010 17 Support for suicide bombers Society 70% to 80% of Palestinians support suicide bombing “matryrdom operations” Military summer camps for children Streets, hospitals, babies and children's events named after martyrs marches and celebrations after attacks
18 : 23.11.2010 18
19 : 23.11.2010 19 Support for suicide bombers Religion by blowing themselves up in a crowd, they are forging their own gateway to heaven Economic support $25,000 for relatives of suicide bombers
20 : 23.11.2010 20 Preparing suicide attack highly communitarian enterprise parents of recruits often do not know undergo months of indoctrination to prepare for attacks loyalty to group believe in mission from God expect rewards in the afterlife waiting lists of militants good knowledge of Israeli roads, cities and landmarks – many had jobs in Israel (no visible border between Israel and the West Bank) explosives strapped around the waist
21 : 23.11.2010 21 Choosing target look for a spot to cause more deaths favorite targets: crowded buses, cafes, outdoor markets final prayer when zero hour approaches bombers instructed to write or videotape final testimony
22 : 23.11.2010 22 Fighting suicide bombers difficult to combat Palestinian suicide bombers are a mirror image of the Israeli policy harsh reaction Israeli raids on refugee camps give suicide bombers propaganda victory difficult to assess results
23 : 23.11.2010 23 Methods to combat suicide bombing target the community or organization suicide bomber came from put a fence Palestinian and Israeli populations to be separated shutting down Israeli settlements in West Bank and Gaza creating buffer zone between two populations address grievances and humiliations the Palestinians suffer
24 : 23.11.2010 24 THE END


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