chronology of deciduous dentition

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very nice ppt on deciduous dentition details.
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1 : Chronology of deciduous dentition NOORIYA T K 3RD BDS
2 : Deciduous dentition Primary dentition Milk teeth Dental formula- 2102 20 teeth present Mandibular incisors are the 1st teeth to erupt in oral cavity around 6 months after birth
3 : Clinical features Both the dental arches are half round in shape or ovoid Almost no curve of Spee is present Shallow cuspal interdigitation Slight overjet and overbite Vertical inclination of incisors Little or no crowding
4 : Eruption It is the axial or occlusal movement of the tooth from the developmental position within the jaw to its functional position in the occlusal plane
5 : Chronology of deciduous dentition
6 : Rule of ‘6’ in the dental development 6 weeks old in utero : beginning of dental development 6 months old : emergence of first primary molar 6 years old : emergence of 1st permanent molar
7 : Neonatal teeth Infants may be born with teeth, most commonly in the mandibular anterior region These are not deciduous teeth, but they are rootless teeth and can be easily removed These teeth are advised to be removed for suckling of milk
8 :


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PowerPoint Presentation on chronology of deciduous dentition
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