diabetic foot

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Informative,concise and a good presentation Dr.N.P.Viswanathan
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1 : Diabetic Foot Dr. Narender
2 : Diabetic Foot Any foot pathology that results directly from diabetes or its long term complications ( Boulton 2002) The foot of a diabetic patient that has the potential risk of pathologic consequences including infection, ulceration and or destruction of deep tissues associated with neurologic abnormalities, various degrees of peripheral vascular disease and/or metabolic complications of diabetes in the lower limb
3 : Diabetic Foot Diabetic foot ulcer Diabetic foot infections Charcot Joints
4 : Epidemiology DM is the largest cause of neuropathy 50% patients don’t know that they have diabetes Foot ulcerations is most common cause of hospital admissions for Diabetics Expensive to treat, may lead to amputation and need for chronic institutionalized care


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this presentation enumerates the pathophysiology,classification and management of diabetic foot
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