iv cannulation

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2 : Introduction.. From my experience, it’s not easy for the beginner like me Branula insertion usually known as venous cannulation Branula have various size differentiated by it’s protective cap colour. Different size of branula for different type of patient
3 : Let’s see about branula..
4 : Size of branula ….
5 : Branula….
6 : Part of branula..
7 : Indication of iv line setting.. Administer medication Fluid resuscitation Obtaining blood sample
8 : Equipment for branula insertion.. Pair of gloves Tourniquet Branula Cotton swab Spirit Syringe Water for injection Sharp bin Clinical waste bag Elastoplasts
9 : Punctured vein selection Veins of the Hand 1. Digital Dorsal veins 2. Dorsal Metacarpal veins 3. Dorsal venous network 4. Cephalic vein 5. Basilic vein Veins of the Forearm 1. Cephalic vein 2. Median Cubital vein 3. Accessory Cephalic Vein 4. Basilic vein 5. Cephalic vein 6. Median antebrachial vein
10 : Vein selection for a pediatric
11 : Preview of the vein selection and procedure for branula insertion
12 :
13 : Before procedure… Identify the patient to be inserted with branula Select a suitable branula size for the patient Prepare equipment at the trolley Then bring the trolley to the patient’s bedside
14 : Let’s start with the procedure.. Greet patient and explain the procedure Do not forget your hand rub! Then use gloves for obvious reason Select a suitable vein for puncture Apply the tourniquet above the vein to be punctured Once again check and identify the vein to be punctured Clean the vein to be punctured with alcohol swab
15 : Procedure continue.. Next, punctured the vein with the branula. Approximately 30ºangle above the skin and reduce angle when flashback occur. But before that, do not forget to inform the patient that you are going to puncture the vein as in this word “ makcik, saya cucuk ni. “ After that, observe for the blood flashback. Once you see the blood flashback, means that you locate the branula correctly. Once the branula is located correctly, pull the needle at the same time you push the branula to the patient’s vein.
16 : Procedure continue… After completely removing the needle, remove the tourniquet and flush the iv line with water for injection. Cover the catheter hub with stopper if no iv fluid required to be infused. If there is any iv fluid to be infused, connect straight away with the iv tubing. Then secure the branula with elastoplasts. Always label the date and time that you set the iv line. Make patient’s comfortable and tidy up the stuff that been used.
17 : Complication of branula insertion… Phlebitis Thrombophlebitis Hematoma Infection Septicemia Catheter embolism Venespasm Occlusion
18 : Some useful tips for branula insertion… Always start from the most distal vein before migrate upward Avoid using the vein near the joint as much as possible Immobilize patient when it comes to peads Don’t touch the tips with your finger Secure the branula with a good plaster Always use splint for patient that is young enough to cooperate Do not hesitate to ask help from your colleague if you fail! Use straight vein
19 : Practice makes perfect..? Thank you…


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