job description, duties and responsibilities of various nursing personnels in educational institution by arun

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a wel made ppt for institution..
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2 : TERMINOLOGIES Standing Instructions: Orders, Rules, Regulations or procedures prepared by the professional staff.   Sophisticated: Discriminating in taste and judgment.   Authorities: The power or right to enforce obedience, An expert in a subject.   Quantum: A required or allowed amount. Jurisdiction: The administration of justice, A legal or other authority. 2 ARUN PIRAVOM
3 : TERMINOLOGIES Recruit: A service man or a service woman newly enlisted and not yet fully trained, a new member of a society. Condemn: Find guilty   Disburse: Expend money, Defray a cost. Cordial relations: Heartfelt, sincere, warm, friendly. Scrutining applications: A close investigations or examination of details.   3 ARUN PIRAVOM
4 : VARIOUS CATEGORY OF NURSING PERSONNEL A. Principal, School of Nursing/College of Nursing Principal, School of General Nursing/Midwifery or Psychiatry Principal, College of Nursing B. Vice Principal C. Lecturer, College of Nursing Lecturer, College of Nursing D. Professor, College of Nursing Professor, College of Nursing Assistant Professor, College of Nursing E. Lecturer, college of nursing F. Senior tutor G. Tutor H. Clinical instructor I. Senior librarian J. Assistant librarian K. Office staff L. Office clerk 4 ARUN PIRAVOM
5 : Principal, con Administration Develops philosophy and objectives Formulates the plan of action Selects and organizes learning experiences Organizing Prepares the job description Analyses the job to be done in terms of needs of educational programme 5 ARUN PIRAVOM
6 : Directing Subscribes and encourages staff welfare activities Provides adequate orientation to staff Directs activities of staff Promotes staff participation in research 6 ARUN PIRAVOM
7 : Controlling Continuous follow up and revision of educational programme Maintains a comprehensive system of records Prepares and secures budget Educational Plans for participation in educational programmes for staff development. Supervises and helps postgraduate students in conducting nursing research. Identifies professional development needs of faculty members and facilitates staff development programme 7 ARUN PIRAVOM
8 : Supervisory Responsible for supervision of all personnel - teaching and non-teaching. Facilitates and supervises college establishment work. Monitors students' welfare activities e.g. Mess, Hostel, Health, Sports, Student Nurses Association (SNA) etc. Monitors all leave privileges of the faculty and students and acts as sanctioning authority. 8 ARUN PIRAVOM
9 : Human relation and communication i) Informs a) Staff on matters related to educational programmes conducted at the college. b) Staff on matters related to personnel and work policies. ii) Identifies conflicts among staff members and initiates solution. iii) Informs students of changes in college policies, procedures and standards. iv) Facilitates student and staff guidance and counselling services. v) Informs parents about student status and reviews reports of student performance. 9 ARUN PIRAVOM
10 : Vice- principal Financial: Assists Principal in carrying out financial activities: Planning and revising budget Monitoring College expenditure In the absence of Principal, performs all the functions 10 ARUN PIRAVOM
11 : Educational: Assists Principal in planning, implementation and evaluation of the programmes. Assists Principal in identifying needs for professional development of faculty and conducting staff development programme. Supervises postgraduate students in conducting research. In the absence of Principal, chairs the assigned committee meetings. Supervises all educational programmes in coordination with the coordinators. 11 ARUN PIRAVOM
12 : Supervisory: Shares responsibility with Principal and Professor in supervision of teaching and nonteaching staff. Plans academic staff assignments in consultation with Principal. Participates in conduct of orientation programme Supervises and guides staff in conducting their activities. Writes staff performance report and reviews evaluation report of assigned staff. Assists Principal in administration and supervision of library.   12 ARUN PIRAVOM
13 : Establishment: Assists Principal in maintaining rules and regulations in college campus Supervises overall functioning of staff and students' hostel. Assists Principal in maintaining discipline in the college. 13 ARUN PIRAVOM
14 : Interpersonal: Assists Principal in maintaining human relation and communication Identifies conflict among staff members, initiates solution and reports to Principal when necessary. Facilitates guidance and counselling students and staff as per need. Any other responsibility assigned by the Principal. 14 ARUN PIRAVOM
15 : professor, con Administration Participating in determination of educational purposes and policies Contributes to the development of philosophy and purposes of total educational programme Instruction Identifying needs of the learner. Plans within the educational unit. Create a climate conducive of learning Assist learners in using problem solving techniques. 15 ARUN PIRAVOM
16 : Educational Assists and coordinate with Principal in planning, implementation and evaluation of the educational programmes. Supervises post-graduate student in conducting research. Participates in teaching in educational programmes. 16 ARUN PIRAVOM
17 : Supervisory: Shares responsibility in supervision of teaching staff. i) Coordinates and collaborates with Vice-Principal in preparing academic staff assignment. ii) Participates in orientation programmes for new employees. iv) Writes staff performance report as assigned by Principal and reviews evaluation report of assigned staff. 17 ARUN PIRAVOM
18 : Human Relations: Facilitates student and staff guidance services. Shares responsibility with Principal and Vice-Principal in informing parents about students' progress, problems etc. Any other responsibility assigned by the Principal. 18 ARUN PIRAVOM
19 : LECTURER, COLLEGE OF NURSING   Identifies needs of the learner in terms of the educational programme Assist the learners in identifying their needs Measures effectiveness of instruction by use of appropriate devices. Provides guidance and counselling services Guides research projects of Post graduate and undergraduate students . 19 ARUN PIRAVOM
20 : Acts as student and staff counsellor. Participates in Curriculum development, curriculum revision and curriculum evaluation. Coordinates activities with other departments. Identifies problems in which research is indicated. Any other duties assigned by Principal. 20 ARUN PIRAVOM
21 : Senior tutor Participates in teaching and supervising the courses of undergraduate students. Participates in curriculum development , evaluation and revision. Guide in research projects for undergraduate students. Acts as a Counsellor for staff and students. Maintains various records. Conducting and participating in department meetings and attending various meetings. Participating in Administration activities of department. Any other responsibility assigned by Principal.  21 ARUN PIRAVOM
22 : tutor Participates in teaching and supervising the courses of undergraduate students. Participate in the evaluation of students. Guide the students in conducting seminars, discussions and presentations etc. Maintain students' records. Participate in student counselling programmes. Participate and promote students' welfare activities.   22 ARUN PIRAVOM
23 : Clinical instructor Demonstrate standards for nursing practice. Supervise and teach the students in the clinical fields. Participate in evaluation of students. Assist the students in conducting health education programme. Maintain students' records. Any other duty assigned by the Principal. 23 ARUN PIRAVOM
24 : Senior librarian Assist Principal in purchasing and maintaining of library materials and inventory including records and reports. Classify and cataloguing the library materials. Provide reference services regarding library material to all library users and members. Updating the current information through magazine, journal, pamphlets, newspaper and newsletters etc. Issuing, returning and reservation of important books as per need. Supervising library staff working under him. 24 ARUN PIRAVOM
25 : Assistant librarian: Changing and shelf arrangement and searching missing books receding, recording, displaying the periodical acquired. Preparing periodicals and books for binding. Overall assisting in the services and development all activities. 25 ARUN PIRAVOM
26 : Office staff: Maintenance of files and records. Receipt, typing and dispatch of correspondence. Maintenance of accounts and identifying and care of office supplies. Work according to the area assigned eg: reception, record room, pune etc. 26 ARUN PIRAVOM
27 : office clerk The office clerk is responsible for safe keeping of all the files and records. Reports to the principal about day to day activities. Carryout the typing job related to the office and the educational programme. Provides assistance for the admission procedure and maintenance of related registers and records. 27 ARUN PIRAVOM
28 : Provides assistance to faculty in typing and preparing important documents, question papers, rotation plans etc. Deals with the person visiting the college for various reasons. Take care of incoming and outgoing from university, INC, KNC and other institutions. 28 ARUN PIRAVOM


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