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Good presentation on Melatonin and circadian Rhythms.
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1 : Melatonin Deepti Sinha April 1, 2009
2 : Outline Melatonin: where, why, how it is manufactured by the brain, and for what purpose Where does melatonin act, and what does it do? How can this system be manipulated by pharmacologic and behavioral interventions to improve - or worsen - sleep?
3 : Circadian Rhythms French astronomer Jean Jacques d'Ortous de Mairan discovered in 1729 that when a Mimosa plant was placed in the constant darkness of a closet, the opening and closing of the leaves still occurred on the basis of an intrinsic rhythm (de Mairan 1729) First description in nature of endogenously generated biological rhythms of the light-dark cycle However, to stay aligned to precise environmental changes, biological rhythms keep pace with a time-clock linked to the external environment


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PowerPoint Presentation on melatonin
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