menstrual hygiene for adolescent

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1 : MENSTRUAL HYGIENE FOR ADOLESENT GIRLS INTRODUCTION: The transition from childhood to adulthood is characterized by acceleration of physical growth and psychological and behavioral changes.
2 : WHAT IS MENSTURATION: Menstruation i.e. regular cycles of bleeding par vagina is a natural and necessary process in order to develop reproductive capabilities. With the onset of menstruation the ovaries begin to release ova, and thus a girl becomes capable of bearing a child. Every month the ovaries release an egg. In anticipation of possible fertilization the
3 :
4 : CONT..... uterus prepares itself with a thick lining of blood for the protection, safety and the nutrition of the foetus (baby). If the fertilization doesn’t take place the thick lining of blood is not required. Thus, the thick lining of blood disintegrates and starts flushing out of the vaginal opening along with the ovum. The flushing out continues for three to seven days and is called menstruation or periods
5 : NORMAL MENSTURATION This begins roughly 2 years after the appearance of first physical signs of puberty. Normal duration of cycle varies from 23-39 days, the mean being 28 days. There are no clots in the menstrual blood. Normal flow varies from 2-7 days, the mean being 5 days. However, duration of more than eight days is of concern. On average one has to change a menstrual pad two to three times a day. During the first few years, period is often irregular and flow varies. This is normal
6 : Cont..
7 : IRREGULAR MENSTURAL CYCLE Irregular menstrual cycle can be commonly due to changes in lifestyle, anemia, stress, weight loss or ovulatory cycle. This is common during first year after menarche (first menstrual cycle) and before menopause.
9 : PERSONAL HYGIENE DURING MENSTURATION Observing personal hygiene is necessary to prevent reproductive tract infection, local itching and bad odour. Following are general guidelines:- Take bath morning and evening, and always wear neat, sun dried cotton clothes and undergarments. After attending toilet, wash with soap and water; the inner thighs and labial folds should be cleaned properly in squatting position.
10 : Cont…
11 : CONT…. Use of cloth or sanitary napkin depends on personal choice, but make sure to change them frequently depending on the quantity of flow. If clothes are used then this cloth should be cleaned and sun dried before re-use, and do not use them for more than three months. Cloth should not be too tough or too thick as it may cause irritation. Before onset of flow it is comfortable to trim the hairs around genitalia; shaving is not recommended.
12 : cont..
13 : MYTH 1. Menstruation is unclean 2. It is unhealthy for a girl to bathe during her periods 3. Once a girl begins to menstruate, she can become pregnant 4. A girl having periods should not enter kitchen or touch food Myth There is no scientific reason behind it. However, adequate rest should be taken


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PowerPoint Presentation on menstrual hygiene for adolescent
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