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Mental and Emotional Health
Author: Johnathan Bell, M.D.

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child emotional health,children emotional health,emotional health,emotional health education,emotional health problems,emotional health stress,emotional health survey,emotional mental health,physical emotional health,women emotional health- Slides
Tips for healthy living
Author: AVK

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Tips for healthy living,tips for health,health tips....- Slides
Kids nutrition- proper Parenting
Author: Dr. Teesha

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Patients- Kids nutrients, nutrients, health, healthy living, healthy diet, kids health, parenting, diet, iron, calcium, protein, anti-oxidant, fruit, food, health,proper parenting, kids nutrients.- Slides
Theories of Child Psychology
Author: Ganesh
InstitutionAhmedabad Dental College

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Theories of Child Psychology and its use in Pediatic Dentistry- Slides
Antibiotic Resistance
Author: Anonymous

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“Super Bug”; Sometimes called a “staph” infection; Commonly causes skin(Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus). What does MRSA look like?
Health Benefits of Yoga
Author: james

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yoga,yoga exercise,Health Benefits of Yoga,health benefits of yoga postures- Slides
Men’s Health &Prostate Cancer
Author: Appathurai Balamurugan, MD
InstitutionDept. of Epidemiology, UAMS COPH

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health for men,men health,men health issues,men health magazine,men's health,prostate cancer - Slides
Health Behavior Change
Author: Ralf Schwarzer
InstitutionFreie University Berlin, Germany

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PowerPoint Presentation on Health Behavior Change or PowerPoint Presentation on Health Action Process Approach as a Theory of Health Behavior Change
Holistic Health Model
Author: Gary

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alternative holistic health,holistic healing health,holistic health,holistic health care,holistic health clinic,holistic health counselor,holistic health doctor,holistic health practitioners,holistic health remedies,holistic health therapy,holistic natural health,natural holistic health- Slides
Module Health Psychology Lecture Personal Medicine Tutorial
Author: Robert Mallin MD

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Powerpoint slide Presentation on Smoking Cessation Tutorial

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