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Author: Keith J Kaplan MD
InstitutionMayo Clinic

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PowerPoint Presentation on Autoimmunity or PowerPoint Presentation on AutoimmunityClinical Pathology Lecture
Diagnosis and treatment of hyperlipidemia
Author: Charles J. Glueck MD
InstitutionJewish Hospital of Cincinati

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CME lecture on diagnosis and treatment of hyperlipidemia- Slides
medicinal chemistry lecture notes
Author: Shadrack, Madulu
InstitutionSt John's University of Tanzania

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Medicinal Chemistry is an interesting lesson.
OCT / GDx / HRT in Glaucoma
Author: Mariane
InstitutionFMRP - USP

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Lecture at FMRP - USP / Brazil- Slides
Opioid analgesics
Author: dhriti

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Undergraduate MBBS Theory lectures on opioids
local anesthetics
Author: james guinocor
Institutionperpetual succour hospital

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residents lecture
Computer Networks (Lecture 5 Network Layer Protocols )
Author: Anonymous

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Computer Networks (Lecture 5: Network Layer Protocols )
Author: dhriti

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Pharmacology, Undergraduate MBBS level Theory lecture in power point
Abdominal wall hernias
Author: Ahmed

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These are educational slides and can help in lectures and seminars.- Slides
Local anaesthetics
Author: dhriti

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Undergraduate MBBS Theory Lecture Classes for MBBS students

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