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Pharmacology A Very Basic Intro
Author: shuqin

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???Pharmacodynamics – mechanism of drug action ???Pharmacokinetics – examines absorption, distribution, metabolism & excretion of drugs
Author: Sherlon Sinclair

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nucleotide metabolism disorder
Codification and Classification of Rare Diseases
Author: Michael Crouch MD, MSPH

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Powerpoint slide Presentation on Calcium Metabolism and Hyperparathyroidism
Nutrition and Osteoporosis
Author: slideworld

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bone density mineral,nutrition and osteoporosis,premenopausal osteoporosis,preventing osteoporosis- Slides
Amino acid metabolism - Urea cycle
Author: Madhur

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PowerPoint Presentation on Amino acid metabolism - Urea cycle
Macro Micro Minerals
Author: Dr. Khalid Amin
InstitutionSMC ( Sargodha Medical College ) Pakistan

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PowerPoint Presentation on Macro & Micro Minerals
Connective tissue metabolism in chikungunya patients
Author: Sudarsanareddy Lokireddy
InstitutionSri Krishnadevaraya University

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PowerPoint Presentation on Connective tissue metabolism in chikungunya patients or PowerPoint Presentation on
Liver Cholesterol metabolism
Author: Gaurav
Institutionsps apollo ludhiana

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PowerPoint Presentation on Liver :Cholesterol metabolism
Dietary Minerals Lecture 1
Author: Dr. Khalid Amin
InstitutionSMC ( Sargodha Medical College ) Pakistan

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PowerPoint Presentation on Dietary Minerals Lecture 1
Teriparatide or Alendronate in Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis .
Author: Anonymous

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Teriparatide + estrogen > estrogen alone in increasing bone mineral density at the L-spine in postmenopausal women with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis ...

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