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Early Stages of Child Development
Author: Anonymous

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Child early stages of development, parenting, first few months till the time child stands and walk, experience the joy of motherhood, watch your child grow in front of you. Know when your child will smile, laugh, walk, talk, everything. Child development in PPT format. - Slides
Your Baby's First Year of Development
Author: slideworld

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Baby sleeping, baby talking, baby walking, baby smiling, baby laughing, babysitting- Slides
Treatment of Gingival Recession with soft tissue grafts and Invisalign
Author: alexander corsair,dmd
Institutionprivate practice

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PowerPoint Presentation on Treatment of Gingival Recession with soft tissue grafts and Invisalign or PowerPoint Presentation on The patient presents with crowded teeth and gingival recession. Connective tissue grafts were done first to cover exposed roots and ad keritinized gingiva. The Invisalign was done to restore her smile.
Blade Free Femtosecond LASIK-Technique and Possibilities
Author: Dr. Rupal Shah
InstitutionNew Vision Laser Centers, Vadodara, India

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Describes the technology of No Blade/Blade Free Femtosecond LASIK Laser Eye Correction Surgery. Comments of the latest technology and introduces the concept of all-in-one femtosecond lasik surgery or femtosecond lenticule extraction (FLEx / SMILE)- Slides
PPT- Crown Lengthening (To overcome problems with gummy smile)- Slideworld: Medical Search Engines
Author: Anonymous

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PPT- Crown Lengthening (To overcome problems with gummy smile)

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