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Guidelines for Antibiotic Use by Dentists
Author: Najla Dar-Odeh
InstitutionUniversity of Jordan

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PowerPoint Slide Presentation on Guidelines for Antibiotic Use by Dentists
NICE guideline on antibiotic prophylaxis against infective endocarditis
Author: David Wray

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PowerPoint Presentation on NICE guideline on antibiotic prophylaxis against infective endocarditis or PowerPoint Presentation on UK guidance on antibiotic prophylaxis
Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis
Author: Ata Nevzat Yalcin
InstitutionAkdeniz University

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PowerPoint Presentation on Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis or PowerPoint Presentation on
Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
Author: tummalapalli
InstitutionSri Deva Raj Urs Medical College, Tamaka Kolar India 563 101

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Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing is an important diagnostic procedure to diagnose several bacterial infections, A quality control in antibiotic sensitivity is essential for optimal diagnosis.
Necrotizing Fasciitis “The Flesh Eating Bacteria”
Author: Anonymous

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Treat without delay; Team approach; ICU admission; Monitor hemodynamics; Antibiotics- combination or single; Hyperbaric oxygen
Therapeutic Proteins ppt
Author: Anonymous

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Tuberculosis Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibiotic resistant strains use purified extracellular (secreted) proteins as Vaccine
Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics – Food or Drugs for Human .
Author: Anonymous

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Diarrhea (antibiotic –induced, Clostridium difficile, s); Irritable bowel disease; Helicobacter pylori?rotavirus, traveler gastroenteritis ...
Changing Pattern of Neonatal Bacteraemia Microbiology and antibiotics resistance
Author: Dr. Mohamed
InstitutionDepartment of Medical Microbiology. Faculty of Medicine

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PowerPoint Presentation on Changing Pattern of Neonatal Bacteraemia: Microbiology and antibiotics resistance or PowerPoint Presentation on
Antibiotic affecting DNA Synthesis
Author: Ayman

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Describes Antibiotic acting by affection of DNA synthesis pathway as Quinolones, Sulphonamides
Sepsis / Severe Sepsis Screening Tool
Author: Anonymous

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First-line antibiotic therapy for adult medical patients attending or being admitted to hospital

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