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Aromatherapy - Essential Oils for Health
Author: Barbara Lemke

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Complementary Therapies for Cancer Patients
Author: Camille Baughman,Bonnie Berk&Gigi Jantos

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alternative and complimentary therapy,aromatherapy,complimentary alternative therapy,complimentary therapies,complimentary therapies for cancer,complimentary therapy,reflexology,reiki,what is complimentary therapy - Slides
Chamomile Essential Oil
Author: C

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Relax and breathe in the aromatherapy oil for your serenity. Learn why it's truly hearty for you.- Slides
Conscious/Moderate Sedation
Author: Anonymous

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Alternative/Adjunctive Therapy . Guided Imagery; Music Therapy; Aromatherapy; Hand Holding; Reassurance

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