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     1  NANOMATERIALS Fernando Ramos Materials science MEEN 3344
     2  The nanomaterials are particles in the size of 1 to 100 nanomters, equivalent to a billionth part of a meter The nanomaterials are divided in three categories: Nanoparticles Nanoplates Nanocomponents
     3  Nanoparticles are mostly used in the medical area. The nanoparticles for instances are used to find diseases in human body. Another use for the nanoparticles are the reactivation of some of the cells in the brain and help the doctors to health diseases like Parkinson. Fulleren nanocrystals Aluminum nanooxide
     4  Here are some names of the nanoparticles that exist in the market already: Doped Zinc Oxides, Mixed Rare Earth Metal oxides, NanoArcTM Bismuth Oxide, NanoArcTM Cerium oxide SGH, NanoArcTM Copper oxide, NanoDurTM Aluminum oxide, NanoGard, LL Zinc oxide, USP, NanoGard Zinc oxide, USP, Nanophase Zinc oxide NanoTek Aluminum oxide. Metallic nanooxide Illustrated are scanning electron micrographs of cleansed elemental selenium formed by bacteria (A-C) or synthesized chemically (D and E).
     5  The definition of the nanocomponents materials: are materials that are made based on different components “nanometric scale worked” . For instance, take nanoclay, to reinforce plastics, Carbon Nanotubes as well are used to provide conductivity to another materials. Carbon nanotubes Nanoclay
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