Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

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     1  Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Frances Williams, RN, BSN Carla Whaley, RN, BSEd
     2  Acknowledgement “2 simulators, 100 students, What next?” Scenario from Texas Women’s University at National METI Conference in 2007
     3  Objectives Participants will: Apply simulation in your curriculum Demonstrate scenario writing relative to your targeted goals & expectations Recognize signs & symptoms of pregnancy induced hypertension Identify nursing actions for pregnancy induced hypertension List specific props & moulage for scenario Reenact a scenario with multiple roles
     4  Leading causes of Maternal Mortality Hemorrhage Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (toxemia) Embolism Infection in third world countries
     5  Use of HPS HPS feminized for scenario- Stanette programmed for 40 week IUP Wig, Bra (better if padded) Peripads made to simulate bleeding Soft breast form to simulate “fundus” IV labeled Pitocin IV Blood Bag (optional)
     6  Roles Students are assigned roles to play Charge nurse, primary nurse, recording nurse, medication nurse, nurse specialists Support roles i.e., pharmacist, lab tech, Doula (labor coach) lactation consultant, family members, birth registrar